Cheaper…Better…Faster.  It’s what all healthcare organizations are striving for in these increasingly competitive times.  Let’s address the ‘Faster’ element of this mantra with three high-impact ways MedSpace can improve your speed to market.

First, MedSpace helps expand your list of site options. Begin to consider available retail space or mixed use commercial buildings for ambulatory medical projects. Using these types of available facilities reduces time to build and gives you a number of advantages including proximity to clients, lowered risk due to diversification, and more efficient resource use. With MedSpace, these types of properties can become operational several months, or even years faster than traditional site considerations, especially new construction..

Second, use prefabricated, modular wall systems and vacuum-based plumbing to help streamline construction. With MedSpace, a large portion of typical construction converts to efficient assembly of quality controlled, prefabricated wall and plumbing components.  With proper planning, the overall construction schedule can be compressed by several weeks, if not months.

Third, we help avoid the high cost of programmatic changes. Even with the best planning and involvement from staff and experts in the ambulatory medical field, needs can change. Acquiring an additional specialty practice, last minute demands by physicians, and changes in technological systems can require mid-stream design changes. MedSpace’s flexible, modular system quickly adapts to unplanned changes and limits disruption and delays compared to conventional construction.

  Not only can MedSpace help get you up and running faster, our system is the most cost-effective for re-configuring your interior space.  Visit to learn more.