Architectural Walls

  • Modular Design – Unitized, modular design allows for clean, cost-effective initial installation and reconfiguration.

  • Kit of Parts – Standard ‘kit of parts’ developed for each client for interchangeable reconfigurations.
  • Acoustical Privacy – Proprietary design provides a high level of acoustical privacy.
  • Clean Aesthetics – Professional appearance with wide selection of finishes and materials.
  • Tool Bars – Magnetic ‘tool bars’ can be placed at optimal points of use.

Vacuum-Based Plumbing

  • Self-Contained – Self-contained within ceiling cavity eliminating the issue of gravitational slope.
  • Reconfigurable – Every fixture is easily re-positioned as the space is reconfigured.
  • Closed System – Completely closed system under constant negative pressure is quiet and leak-free.
  • No Interruption – When renovating upper floors, there is little to no interruption to floor below.


  • Efficient Installation – Cabinets install like freestanding furniture, not built-in casegoods, when combined with our engineered wall system.
  • Easy Reconfiguration – Modular design allows for easy reconfiguration based on 20”W, interchangeable modules.
  • Wide Selection of Materials – Broad selection of standard materials including solid-surface and high-pressure laminate.
  • Vacuum Plumbing – Cabinets are specifically designed to accommodate vacuum plumbing componentry.
  • Integrated Sinks – Solid surface cabinet tops feature seamlessly integrated sink basins.