Discover the Benefits of Repurposing Existing Commercial or Retail Space

Everyone envisions a clean and attractive medical clinic in neighborhoods close to where their patients live, work, and play.  The challenge is there is a lack of medical-ready space available and new construction can take years to complete start-to-finish.  With MedSpace Innovations, you can repurpose commercial or retail space at a fraction of the cost and time, with an end result that gives you complete flexibility to adapt your space.  Seem too good to be true?

Finish in Three Months or Less

Imagine if you could design your clinical space without concern for post-tension interferences, slab cutting, or main sewer line capacities.  High capacity plumbing demands is the single largest factor in converting commercial/retail space to medical. MedSpace’s vacuum plumbing system virtually eliminates all constraints and headaches pertaining to plumbing design and construction.  Time is money…and MedSpace offers the fastest, cleanest solution for getting your new clinic up and running.

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