Occasionally, we here at MedSpace want to show you what’s important to us outside of our day-to-day business lives.  Our CEO, Doug Sackville and his wife Carey are on the board of a tremendous Seattle-based organization that is trying to strengthen marriages within active military families.

Stronger Families is a non-profit organization that focuses on military and first responder families who, due to their particular travel and trauma experiences, often have unique stressors.  They offer assessments and expert relationship lessons from some of the most credentialed and experienced professionals in the world. We believe that our military and first responders are national and local heroes, which is why it is important to serve those who have served us.  

MedSpace Innovations is listed in the Heroes Circle, but the real heroes are the partners who reach out to get help and support for a stronger relationship.  If you have military members in your family, thank them for their service and tell them about Stronger Families. https://strongerfamilies.com/  Thank you.