MedSpace facility examples

First and foremost, we at MedSpace want to thank all healthcare workers for their selfless dedication and tireless commitment. Whether you are a doctor or a nurse, purchasing PPE or sanitizing facilities, you are all true heroes.

This pandemic has altered our world and the healthcare industry.  One thing is for sure…we must be adaptable to change.  

The most common question we’re now being asked is “How can MedSpace help us to be better prepared for what’s next?”  Our answer…Let us incorporate flexibility and speed into your ambulatory space design.

MedSpace’s modular walls, doors, casework, and vacuum-plumbing fixtures can be repositioned quickly, cleanly, and affordably on a moment’s notice with little to no disruption to adjoining areas.  Imagine rapid conversions of administrative areas or conference rooms into clinical space, increasing your capacity of tele-medicine rooms, and reconfiguring waiting areas to increase social distancing. Plus, with MedSpace flexible doesn’t have to mean expensive.  Whether for new construction or repurposing existing space, MedSpace is comparably priced to conventional, fixed construction.

We invite you to work with us to explore concepts that allow your health care system to adjust, adapt and pivot quicker than ever. Contact MedSpace Innovations or visit our website at to learn more.