Your next clinic site may not be as difficult to find as you initially thought.  MedSpace Innovations’ system of vacuum plumbing and modular walls can expand your real estate options, including existing commercial or retail space.

Medical clinic locations must meet a varied list of wants and needs. Clinic patients seek trustworthy medical care, but easy access via car or public transportation and ample parking is very important.  Your clinic needs a safe and welcoming community, plus a neighborhood inside the radius of your patient demographics. Further, you need traffic patterns and signage that give your clinic maximum visibility. Even a certain side of the street might matter.

Historically you would probably find that most available commercial or retail properties just aren’t compatible with the demanding needs of ambulatory clinics. MedSpace Innovations’ vacuum plumbing system changes the game.  It’s self-contained, therefore less disruptive in multi-tenant locations. Vacuum plumbing eliminates slab coring and trenching and doesn’t require a continuous drainage slope. Now you can literally position plumbing fixtures anywhere with no vent lines to the roof and no concern for post-tension interferences.  No other system installs as clean and fast as MedSpace.

When you are seeking the ideal location for your next clinic, contact MedSpace Innovations to find out how we can help.