You know the “drill.” Slab coring to convert a commercial space to a medical clinic is anything but simple.  Concrete scanning, back and forth approvals, maintaining tolerances and clearances; having to avoid post-tension tendons may leave you with few coring options. Unfortunately, limited coring options are not something to look forward to.  They can affect your clinic building plans and increase your building costs!

Are you looking for a better solution?  

MedSpace Innovations integrates vacuum plumbing systems with prefabricated modular walls to ensure that the process is effortless. Vacuum plumbing is a self-contained system of fixtures with overhead flexible piping under constant negative pressure.  We make your medical clinic construction more flexible, cleaner, and faster.

MedSpace Innovation’s vacuum plumbing system eliminates design restrictions, doesn’t require a consistent drainage slope, and removes slab coring and trenching. These advantages translate to construction cost savings and long-term water savings of nearly 70%.

Let MedSpace Innovations help you understand the “easy” way to construct a medical clinic by integrating vacuum piping and bypassing slab coring.  Contact us to get started!