Our Beginnings – MedSpace Innovations’ beginnings date back to 2013. When a Seattle-based healthcare system toured a leading internet retailer’s headquarters and saw their interior floorplans being continuously reconfigured using miles and miles of modular walls, it dawned on them…We Need This! However, there were two major challenges in adopting this approach to healthcare…the need for a high density of plumbing fixtures and confidential acoustical privacy. So our journey began.

The two founders of MedSpace, Doug Sackville and Randal Brand, were working together as distributor and end-user (respectively) on this challenge. The key breakthrough was discovering a proven, vacuum-based plumbing system. They worked with both the plumbing and walls engineering teams to merge the two product systems into one, integrated solution. Healthcare-grade acoustical treatments were also fine-tuned across several projects. The end result proved to be a perfect solution for healthcare applications. Click here to learn more.

Why We’re Different – Healthcare is our focus. It’s not a side show, or a specialty division for MedSpace. Our leadership team brings over 100 years of collective experience servicing and operating within the healthcare industry. By working with MedSpace, you will receive much more than just great products and services. You’ll be partnering with a team that is dedicated to the same mission as you…improving access, affordability, and the quality of care.

“Modularity” is a hot buzzword in today’s healthcare industry. What does it actually mean and what benefits does it really deliver? Ideally, a modular interior system should be efficient to specify, install and use. It should reduce the time it takes to open a new facility while improving the overall quality and consistency from site to site. It should allow you to grow and adapt to changing models of care while preserving your original investment. It also MUST provide a comforting, secure, and private environment for your patients. Sounds good, right?…but also expensive.

At MedSpace, we knew we couldn’t introduce a modular system and be successful if it would cost significantly more up front. Let us show you how affordable true modularity can be, while exceeding your expectations on speed-to-market, flexibility, and patient comfort.

Our Team

Doug Sackville
Doug SackvilleChief Executive Officer
Dan Gray
Dan GrayVice-President, Sales & Marketing
Clayton Fong
Clayton FongVice-President, Development & Real Estate