Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Revolutionizing healthcare design, construction, and operations.

MedSpace delivers speed, flexibility, and affordability at every stage. Architectural Walls that easily install and reconfigure, while providing superior acoustical privacy. Vacuum-based plumbing that is self-contained through ceiling cavities using fixtures that easily relocate, while being whisper quiet. Decades of expertise to ensure your new facility opens on-time, and on-budget.

We Feel Your Pain…

Challenge: Speed-to-Market

Are you struggling to find the ideal location for your next health facility? Are you finding a lack of medical-ready space on the market? Are you frustrated by increasing change-order costs and schedule delays?

Solution: Speed-to-Market

MedSpace’s system of vacuum plumbing and modular walls is the best solution for converting available commercial space (office or retail) into medical. Now you can choose your ideal location from any available listing and complete your project on-time, and on-budget.

Challenge: Cost

Are you seeing construction costs escalate out of control? You believe modular construction is the future, but it’s always proven to be too expensive.

Solution: Cost

MedSpace’s modular system is comparably priced to conventional construction when all factors are considered. It’s pre-fabricated design helps control jobsite quality and reduces the complexity of contractor coordination and availability.

Challenge: Flexibility

Are you dealing with fixed interior floor plans that restrict you from implementing new models of care? Do you feel ‘anchored’ by your plumbing fixture locations?

Solution: Flexibility

Every element of the MedSpace system is
truly plug ‘n play. The modular walls reconfigure with ease. The sinks and toilets can be repositioned as easily as electrical outlets. Fixed healthcare interiors are now a thing of the past.

“The Only Constant is Change.”


Healthcare systems are typically hand-cuffed by fixed, inflexible, interior space. With MedSpace Innovations, space becomes a tool to improve levels of care and financial performance.

View Our Current & Future State Animation

Current State

CAUSE: As part of the evolution of the health care delivery model, the clinic’s team based care initiative desired a change in the physical layout of the facility.

Future State

EFFECT: Overcoming the typical physical constraints and at minimal cost, the space was reconfigured keeping the clinic on the leading edge of healthcare delivery.